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Color Your World

When I wander the paint isles at a place like Lowes or Home Depot, I'm simply amazed at the myriad of colors-all grouped so pleasingly (one of my great failings is the ability to recognize what color goes with any other color… I consider myself color dyslexic).

Now, they even franchise paint, from the old-school Laura Ashley to the new-school Nickelodeon (now you can paint your room to match Sponge Bob's pineapple!).

If you pull out those paint chip cards and look at the colors, you'll discover more than just colors, but glorious color names as well…names like "summer suede", "wheat sheaf", "autumn dusk" and more… what a great job that would be…naming the paint colors.

It's also a great creative exercise. Walk into a room in your house and think of a theme… southwestern, industrial grunge rock, historical county… anything you'd like… and then work up a list of paint names worth of a home Depot display… will your muted rust-red be called "red hills dust" or "rusty anger" or even "weathered barn-board." Have some fun associating the theme, the color and a short, descriptive poetic phrase.