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CBC at Carl Sandburg College

The Creativity Boot Camp recently ran a shortened creativity tutorial for the community education program at Carl Sandburg College . The program was held on March 24, 2010.

The three-hour program explored both individual and team creativity. Participants learned abstract creative thinking tools and how those can be applied to the act of creative problem solving.

To learn more about Carl Sandburg College's community education program, click here.


CBC at Kangan Institute

As part of the Interactive Digital Media diploma program at the Kangan Institute in Melbourne, Australia, students must demonstrate creativity thinking skills as they work to create game design documents for their coursework.

To help students get warmed up to the task, instructor Richard Stevens utilizes some of the Creativity Boot Camp exercises to get the creative juices flowing.

Learn more about then Kangan Institute here.


CBC Program at Mullen

The Creativity Boot Camp presented a multi-session team and individual creativity program at Mullen , a leading advertising and public relations firm, in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

The multi-part session sought to kick-start team and individual creativity in the context of advertising, marketing and public relations. Special emphasis was placed on creating an empathetic connection with a client and dealing with often-changing constraints.

The learn more about Mullen , click here.


Worlds in the Making Symposium

The Creativity Boot Camp presented an hour-long workshop on practical creativity at the 2009 national symposium Creativity: Worlds in the Making , heald at Wake Forest University on March 19, 2009.

This national sought to advance the national discourse on creativity as a core literacy in today’s global environment. It did so by highlighting emerging creative research and practice across disciplines within the university setting as well as elaborating dynamic models for collaborations between the academy and society.

Read more about the symposium here.


CBC Participates in the Global Entrepreneurship Week

As part of the Kaufman Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence , Paul Schuytema presented a three-hour creativity presentation, melding the concepts of the Creativity Boot Camp with the creative needs of entrepreneurs.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week program was coordinated by the Kaufman Foundation . The week sought to engage young people around the world to encourage them to pursue entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities through activities with the support of entrepreneurs, government officials, non-profit leaders and educators.


Creative Tools Hit Australia

ABC television, in Australia, attended the Creativity Boot Camp in San Francisco as part of the 2008 Game Developers Conference .

They decided to feature a number of Creativity Boot Camp exercises as part of their web-based Good Gam e series.

See it on the web here.