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Menu of Creative Program Topics

General Creativity Overview
General overview of creativity, the mind-body connection and touch points of an “athletic mind.” (30m - 1h)

Care and Feeding of the Mind and Body
Exploring tools and techniques to help your body support cognitive performance from rest to diet to exercise. (30m - 2h)

Mental Olympics
A series of high-energy exercises to “stretch out” your left and right brain, plus memory skills. (1h)

Towards Enhanced Memory
Discussion and exercises relating memory’s role in creativity and developing an enhanced memory (and how to deliver memorable content to another). (1h)

Abstract Creativity Tools
Discussion and exercises to explore abstract creativity tools for creative thinking and problem solving. (1h - 3h)

Creativity Exercises (solo and group)
Discussion and exercises exploring a myriad of creativity exercises, tools and techniques. (1h - 4h)

Creativity and Problem Solving
Discussion and exercises exploring problem framing, constraint realization and creative problem solving. (30m - 2h)

Brainstorming (individual and group)
Discussion and exercises to enhance solo and team brainstorming sessions. (30m - 2h)

Creativity in a Team Setting
Discussion and exercises exploring creativity in a team context. (30m - 2h)

Developing a Personal Creativity Plan
Discussion and exercises to help an individual develop a creative growth action plan. (30m - 1h)

Limited Game Creation
Large-scale team creative problem solving exercise in which small groups work together with limited constraints to explore, develop, test and present a board game. (1h - 2h)

Next Steps
Quick overview of other web, book and program resources for continued learning. (30m)