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Team Boot Camp


Your team is the highly-skilled tool you use to compete in your competitive marketplace--doesn’t it make sense to give your team every advantage possible? The Creativity Boot Camp is a chance to educate your team in the care, feeding and use of their most important development tool: their creative mind.

Facilitator Paul Schuytema can deliver a customized on-site Creativity Boot Camp for your team that will energize them and provide you with lasting benefits, excited team members and real tools that work. Schedule

The Creativity Boot Camp can consist of 1, 2 or 3 days of on-site creativity training for your game development team. The program (especially day 3) can be customized to meet the needs of your team.

Who can benefit:

  • * Teams who needs a “shot in the arm” of creativity
  • * Teams with a large population of members who are new to the game development process
  • * Teams who want to take control of their mental literacy and creative energies (to give themselves a competitive edge)
  • * Teams who feel that there is not enough “creativity parity” between designs, content creators, technical staff and team management
  • * Teams who want to solve a game development problem or want to tackle the initial design stages or design refinements of a game through an active creative process


  • * Determine needs of team
  • * Design 1-3 day plan
  • * Delivery of on-site training
  • * Delivery of any “post session” materials (within 10 days)
  • * 30 days of post session “creative tech support”